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Friends, who do not know about MARVEL STUDIOS, people break down to watch their movies. This company has produced many world class superhit movies, and web series. Recently, a new web series, Ms marvel is about to launch. People are very excited to see it, to know about ms marvel trailer breakdown.

Today, through this article, we will talk to you all about Ms Marvel’s upcoming web series of mcu in full detail and will discuss every part of it thoroughly. That is, Ms marvel trailer breakdown in detail. When Ms Marvel will release, who are the actors, what their characters are going to be in this movie, what is the story going to happen in the movie, what does marvel want to do new about it, is marvel trying to create a new universe, etc. things will be covered.

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Friends, if you are a die heart fan of mcu, then you stay with us till the end. And if you want to know a little about mcu, then this article is the best article for you. This movie is going to be a science fiction movie, so you will get to learn many things from it. So friends, let us understand Ms marvel very well.

Ms marvel trailer breakdown

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Friends, before knowing about this movie, we got a little information about MCU. MCU i.e. Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge production company. It has made many big movies in the world like avengers, iron man, infinity war etc. Friends, all of you must have heard the names of iron man, hulk, thor, spider man, doctor strange and even bigger superheroes.

All of them are superheroes of the MCU i.e. Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU makes movies in reference to the stories written in its comics. Information about all the superheroes, their powers, their dress code has been given in the comics. MCU is famous for making strong and blockbuster movies all over the world. They has millions of fans all over the world. Movies of MCU play a lot in India, they are very much liked here. They have millions of fans only in India.

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What is Ms. Marvel ?

Ms marvel is also a web series which will be produced by Marvel studios. As we all know the type of movies and web series are being produced by marvel studios. So  people are expecting a lot from this. Ms marvel is a very popular superhero comic, which exists in marvel comics. Ms marvel is a story about a girl named kamala khan(Iman vellani)  a 16-year-old Pakistani-American from Jersey City. as we can see in the trailer that ms marvel i.e. kamala khan is die heart fan of superheroes. This web series is set to be released on Hotstar disney plus on 8 June 2022. So let’s get started and jump into the Ms marvel trailer breakdown with me.

before going Ms marvel trailer breakdown lets first see the entire trailer :

ms marvel trailer breakdown

Ms marvel trailer breakdown

As this is also a part of phase 4 of MCU, marvel is introducing new superheroes and their new powers. As we have seen many big Superheroes and their powers in Phase -1, 2, 3, and now the running time is of phase 4, so marvel is trying to create different types of superheroes and we may see all these superheroes together in future.

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel trailer breakdown

In the starting part of the trailer we can see that kamala khan is drawing and imagining about superheroes like ant man, spider man and all. She is a die heart fan of avengers, specially of captain marvel. She has no interest in her lectures, just like we were in our childhood. She is just dreaming about all that and imagining herself as a superhero. Again we can see that she is sitting with her therapy teacher, but no interest in that. A song goes on in the background which suits the trailer properly. This song is from the weekend, the Binding lights, which is one of my favorite songs.

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel trailer breakdown

After that we can see that she is in her school corridor with her friends. Her friends are trying to make fun of her as she was wearing a superhero t-shirt. All her friends were thinking that she is  obsessed with superheroes. So they were making fun of her. The boy standing to the left of the kamala khan in the corridor picture is her best friend in the comic book of ms marvel. And only he knows that Kamala khan herself is Ms marvel. 

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel trailer breakdown

And if you notice properly in the t-shirt of  kamala khan, there are three female superheroes. One is captain marvel and the other two are Wasp and Valkiri.  

In the comic book, Kamala khan is a very nerdy girl and she is too much interested in superheroes.  She used  to play video games all the time and think about superheroes only. In the comic book, her favorite superheroes were Iron man, Captain America and Captain Marvel.   

ms marvel new powers
ms marvel new powers

In the next scene we can see that Kamala is in a store with her friends and she is carrying a low budget costume of captain marvel and in the trailer we can see  she is jumping out of a window wearing the same dress. She is actually dreaming of all these. She is lost in her own dreams about superheroes imagining herself as a superhero and about the things which could happen if she was a superhero.  

And in the next scene we can see a well-fitted boy named Kamran. Now if we see the comic book of Ms Marvel, Kamran is a very prominent character of Ms Marvel and kamala likes him a lot. But as we move on with the trailer things start to change. It turns out that things are not as they seem.

Ms marvel new powers

ms marvel new powers
ms marvel new powers

The scene after this is very interesting because here we can see kamala getting powers, she starts to realize her powers. Here in the scene we can see her in a dark room, where she is opening a box. She takes out a bangle-like band from the box and wears it. But what is this band? Where did it come from ? all these things are  unknown yet.

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel new powers

And due to the band, Kamala khan turns into Ms marvel. She starts to realize her powers and all. So, we can say that these bands are something which possess cosmic energies and have too many powers. We can see in the trailer that kamala khan does many unusual things after wearing those bands, which shows that these are very powerful bands.

But here is the most important thing to know, as in the comic book kamala khan is not getting her powers in this way. The MCU has changed this, maybe to reduce the length or maybe something else. I don’t know that. Next to this we can see that Kamala khan, just after wearing the band, suddenly reaches to a place where so many cosmic energies or something like that can be seen.

After that she starts seeing the things of the world differently and later on she also says that she feels cosmic, energized after wearing those bands. So, clearly we can say that they(MCU) are going to connect it with the sequel of Captain marvel. And maybe we get to know about the bands in the sequel. And who knows, maybe the bands are connected to the 10 rings of sangchi.

In the next scene we see that there is a huge gate opening, through which too many lights are emanating. And all the things are happening in front of kamala khan. Maybe all that happened due to the bands, something unknown has been done by kamala khan, anything can be predicted from the scene. Kamala khan also gets surprised by seeing this. So, It can clearly be said after watching the webseries.

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel new powers

Next to this we can see kamala khan with her brother amir khan, who is so possessive about kamala khan. Later on in the story, her brother also gets superpower, something related to making force fields. After that kamala khan is seen with her father, Yusuf Khan. The role of Yusuf Khan is being played by Indian actor Mohan Kapur. And not only mohan kapur sir but there are one or two more indian actors in the movie.

The famous Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar can also be seen in the series, according to the news. Next to this we see that when her father tries to open the door of kamala khan’s room, she uses her band power and forcely closes the door. And in the same scene we can see that in kamala khan’s room there is a big poster of Captain Marvel, which is the same as marvel comics cover photo.  

ms marvel powers change
ms marvel new powers

In the next few scenes we can see that Kamala is using her power more confidently and properly. And according to the scenes we can say that she has revealed her powers to her best friend Bruno.

After seeing the trailer of ms marvel, many people are disappointed that it is not matching with the actual comic, but to make something changed or different by marvel is understandable. Because the powers of ms marvel and mr. fantastic i.e. rid richard are kind of the same.

So they are trying to avoid the confusion because Rid Richard is also about to get introduced with the marvel cinematic universe in fantastic 4. So, people shouldn’t get confused. Later on we can see that kamala khan is able to stretch her body parts, like she can fight by increasing the size of her fists and being able to elongate her body. 

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel trailer breakdown

After that the scenes are very interesting, because we can see actual main villains. They seem like they are from some government organization or may be from other organizations. Later on we can see that these same people are fighting with kamala khan and her team. In the next scene, we see that 4 people are standing. They may be the main lead villain of the show. And If I am not making any mistake, then they are surely the Clandestine. They are the super powered family which exists in the marvel comics. They are here because they are probably trying to steal the BAND.

After that some scenes of the village are being shown which are probably the villages of pakistan where kamala khan used to live. After that the most interesting scene of the trailer comes as we are able to see a man with a covered mouth with a scarf. He may be the vigilant in pakistan who used to protect peoples. The scene in which he appears is a railway station, which seems like the location of pakistan. According to the comic he is a good and positive character but here in the trailer he is shown fighting with ms marvel. 

ms marvel trailer breakdown
ms marvel new powers

In the next few scenes Kamala is protecting someone by making a shield through her band. And it is also shown that the shield is getting broken when too many bullets are hitting it. And the trailer ends here. After that ms marvel is shown, sitting in a lamp. And this scene is also a cover page from issue no. 5 of ms marvel.

So, basically I have covered all the portions of the trailer and have tried to break it down deeply.  I think you all have got too much idea about  Ms Marvel, her powers and all the things related to the show. So please share it and watch the show.  

Ms marvel release date

Ms marvel is going to release in 8 June 2022. The first episode is going to stream in 8th June. The webseries is going to broadcast in Disney plus hotstar.

ms marvel release date

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I hope you liked ms marvel trailer breakdown. If you have any quaries or any theory related to ms marvel webseries kindly put your comment below. For more reviews or any information kindly visit Hindi Jaankaari daily.



Q. When will ms marvel release ?

Ans- ms marvel will release on 8 June 2022

Q. Where we can see the ms marvel webseries?

Ans- In disney plus hotstar

Q. Will ms marvel be in the phase 4 of mcu?

Ans- Yes it will the part of the canon, infact we will see ms marvel in the upcoming movie named as The Marvels.

Q. Is Farhan Aktar in the ms marvel webseries?

Ans- In the trailer we are unable to see farhan aktar but according to rumors we will see him as villain in this show.

Q. Will captain marvel be in the series?

Ans- In the trailer we are unable to see captain marvel but it can be possible to see her because marvel trailers are just to tease the audience , they can give a cameo of her in the show.

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