Start your day with these 10 easy to do Yoga Exercises



Boat pose

Benefits :-

Improves Digestive Health Strengthens the Back and Abdominal Muscle Tones the Leg and Arm Muscle Improves the Function of the Kidneys and Liver Helps to Prevent Hernia Improves Cardiovascular Health Enhance Sexual Performance


Boat pose

Restores Natural Alignment Of The Spine Provides Relief From Lower Back Pain Calms The Mind, Reduces Stress, Helps Manage Anxiety And Depression Promotes Better Sleep Strengthens Shoulders, Neck, And Hip Stretches The Inner Thigh

Benefits :-

Paschimotan asana

head to toe

Benefits :-

• Calms Nervous System • Weight Loss • Helps to Fight Stress • Improves Appetite Treats Menopause and Menstrual Problems


both leg raise pose

Cures Back Pain Strengthens The Abdominal Organ Improve The Function Of Reproductive Organ Increasing Blood Circulation Around The Body

Benefits :-


plank pose

Helps Improve Posture  Strengthens Back Muscle Lengthens And Stretches The Spine Stretches Shoulders And Chest Nourishes Your Body's Resistance To Back And Hip Injurie Helps To Calm Brain Cell

Benefits :-

Viparita Karani

inclined pose

1. Helps Lower Stress & Anxiety. 2. Increases Venous Drainage & Boosts Circulation. 3. Relaxes Legs, Feet, Hips. 4. Improves Digestion & Sleep. 5. Alleviates Head Ache.

Benefits :-


skull cleAnsing kriya

• Weight Loss • Increases Sex Stamina & Sperm Count • Natural Skin Glow • Cures Pimple • Slows Ageing • Prevents Hair Loss 

Benefits :-


bow pose

• Effective In Weightloss • Improve Digestion And Appetite • Cures Constipation • Improves Blood Circulation • Gives Flexibility To Back

Benefits :-


Cobra Pose

Stretches Muscles In The Shoulders, Chest And Abdominal Relieves Stress And Anxiety Increase Spine Flexibility Menstrual Irregularitie Improves Digestion Improves Cardiovascular Health

Benefits :-


Cat / cow pose

Improves Digestive Health Improves Blood Circulation Helps To Reduce Back Pain Strengthens The Back And Abdominal Muscle Reduces Belly Fat

Benefits :-

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