10 Reasons Why Moon Knight Is Not Marvel's Batman

The White Knight & The Dark Knight 

Batman wears dark to instill fear, mystery and to hide his real image, but Moon Knight wears white and he has no problem with the public knowing he exist.

Moon Knight is The Avatar of Egyptian God 

After his parents death, Bruce Wayne became Batman to stop crime in Gotham City, but after being killed, Mark was raised by Khonshu. Mark become an enforcer for him. Moon Knight kill evildoers and redeem himself from unnecessary violence.

Willing To Kill 

Moon Knight is not conflicted with the moral ambiguities of killing those who deems evil. Though Batman has killed before, one of debates constantly spiraling the Batman mythos is if Batman can kill people.

Savage Fighting VS Calculated Fighting

Batman will subdue his opponent, but not risk lives, Batman uses his fists as his only weapon while Moon Knight uses the environment around him as a weapon, continually showing no hesitation to brutalize his opponents.

Mental Health Is Engrained 

Though Batman comics have more recently explored themes of mental health, no other superhero comic characters has been explored like Moon Knight. Moon Knight's mental health themes debuted in 1975.

Lunar Abilities 

Batman has no superpowers, and relies instead on high-level skill and advanced technology. Moon Knight benefits from considerable mystical powers that enhance his abilities as a superhero.

The Crowd Moon Knight Keeps

Batman likes to work with the Bat-family, while Moon Knight famously employs his fellow mercenary buddy, Frenchie, as well as a homeless man named Crawely. 

Unlike Bruce Wayne, Mark Spector is not known for having high intellect. Batman is commonly depicted as the strategic planner for the Justice League, blueprinting fight plans and other cources of action.  

Moon Knight Is Not A Genius

Moon Knight Is A Former Villain

When Moon Knight made his comic debut, he served as the primary antagonist against Werewolf by Night. After a few heroic storylines, Moon Knight transitioned from villain to anti-hero to superhero.  

As the sacred avatar for the moon god, Khonshu, Moon Knight is incapable of staying dead, but Batman is a man with no immortal abilities he might be die. 

MOON Knight won't be Die