Wally Szczerbiak says Ben Simmons is so overrated you can't even put him in the game anymore

11 November 2022

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Former NBA player Wally Szczerbiak definitely had some hard hitting words for Ben Simmon

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Ben Simmons plays for the Brooklyn Nets in NBA

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Wally Szczerbiak works as an analyst for the New York Knick

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Wally Szczerbiak was asked about who he believes is an overrated player

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To which Wally answered Ben Simmons from the Brooklyn

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According to Wally, Simmons is even scared to shoot

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Wally said, Simmons is considered a good defender but his team is giving out 125 points per game 

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The team has fired head coach Steve Nash from Brooklyn Nets because they could not do it with Ben

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Ben's performance currently is the same as what Wally explained 

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Ben has recently given out a 121.2 defensive rating which is extremely bad 

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