Travis Scott is suspected to be spending time with his ex girlfriend

Reportedly Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are still together in an open relationship 

Pic Credit- Vogue India

The couple was seen going for changing name of their second child 

Pic Credit- Glamour

But their were news of the two being broken up 

Pic Credit- People

 The reason was supposedly Travis ex-girlfriend Rojean Kar

Pic Credit- Zing News

Rojean Kar was recently seen on the same sets as Travis of an undisclosed project 

Pic Credit- FilmiFeed

Rojean posted Instagram story as the same background as of Travis Scott  

Pic Credit- Starbiz

Rojean and Scott have been linked since 2013 and Kar was seen as the reason for Kylie and Travis’ breakup

Pic Credit- Pinkvilla

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