The Most Powerful Avengers in MCU Universe.

10. Black Panther

He has the power of the panther and his Vibranium suit and gadgets make him a formidable opponent to anyone.

9. Iron Man

Tony is super-rich and he has a genius-level intellect that is almost unmatched among his fellow avengers.

8. Shang-Chi

He trained his entire life to defeat enemy and He also learned 10 Rings Rules from his Mother,

7. Spider-Man

He have made him strong enough to stop Bucky Barnes' metal arm with ease, catch moving vehicle and even go toe to toe with Thanos.

6. Vision

Vision was created by Ultron and then brought to life by Tony, Banner and Thor. His body made of Vibranium, which makes him extremely durable.

5. Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange was trained by the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj and became the guardian of the New York Sanctum after the death of Daniel Drumm.

4. Hulk

He had his ups and downs in the MCU over the years, But Hulk is always at his strongest when he's angry. 

3. Captain Marvel

She is able to destroy Thanos' ship with one hit, go head to head with Mad Titan himself and take a hit from the Power Stone without a scratch.

2. Thor 

Thor is the strongest member of the team and he is the literal god. Even without iconic weapon, he was capable to take Hela's army. He also kill Thanos.

1. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has always been the Avengers with the most untapped potential. She is able to destroy an Infinity Stone. She is officially most powerful Avenger now.