The boys season 3 episode 4

The boys season 3 is becoming more interesting episode by episode. Episode 4 gives us goosebumps and shocking elements, Here are some details

Butcher takes the V24 again and become a sup like homelander

Hughie also take the V24 And became a sup

In episode 4 vicky betrayed ms edgar and blame her in corruption

Now homelander become the chairperson of vought company

Homelander becomes more powerfull and evil

The boys are on a mission to find a weapon which can kill homelander ,they went to Russia for the Weapon

There they free Soilder boy instead of finding the weapon

Fill in some text

kimiko get injured , by the attack of soilder boy. Will she survive?

Homelander kills supersonic , just to warn starlight

Episode 4 gives us proper cliphanger. It leave us with some questions

What will soldier boy do now?

Will kimiko die?

Ms marvel power changes ?