What is the Roe V. Wade case? Why is even the president of the US against this?

In 1973, a women was not ready to give birth to her third child, and knocked the door of supreme court for abortion, when federal court does not give her permission to this.

The Supreme Court allowed her and said that it should be the decision of a person himself.

But now, The US Supreme Court has made it clear in the decision that the country's constitution does not give the right of abortion.

Supreme court of US is banning the abortion rule made by themselves in 1973, What's the reason?

They are taking back the right of abortion, women and many peoples have come to road for strike.

The legal status of the right to abortion for women in America will end after the US Supreme Court overturns the Roe v Wade decision.

Human rights activists believe it will forever change the national understanding of American women's independence, self-determination, and individual liberty.

US President Joe Biden has also expressed concern and said that the supreme court is taking the country on a dangerous path.

Although he has appealed to the protester that they should not take the law in their hand.

Vice President Kamala Harris has linked it to the health care crisis and appealed to unite to protect the rights of women.