There's bad news for the Philadelphia Eagles just before the Superbowl

FEB 10, 2023

Former Utah wide receiver Britain Covey will have to miss the Superbowl

A Hamstring injury puts him on injured list just before Superbowl

He's not drafted and this was the rookie's first Super Bowl.

Covey was a limited participant in Thursday's Philadelphia Eagles practice.

After joining the practice squad, Covey has been the team's primary punt returner this season.

He had 33 punt returns on the year, with a 9.3 yards-per-return average.

Covey said he has a kind of tunnel vision to help him mentally prepare for playing in the Super Bowl.

“If not, you can psych yourself out,” he told the Deseret News

The Superbowl will be played between the Chiefs and Eagles on 12 Feb at State Farm Stadium.

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