Post Malone fell from the stage and get injured 

Pic credit: mirror

The performance was at downtown St Louis at the enterprise center 

Pic credit: bladeofsteel

Post was performing in St Louis when he fell in one of the openings on the stage

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The opening was there to hold Post Malone guitar stand on an extended ramp in the aaren 

Pic credit: thewrap

Malon's  ribs got injured during his stage performances   

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Post was then helped by the mediocre to get up and promised to return soon after

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After the show , Post was immediately rushed to the hospital and was X-Rayed

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Later, Malone also posted a video on his Instagram, apologising and thanking St Louis fans. 

Pic credit: daily mail

 Now Malone has returned from the hospital and will continue his tour further. 

Pic credit: dallasnews

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