Legendary Ice hockey player P.K. Subban announced his retirement on September 20 

Pic credit: sport illustrated

Subban had  played in the NHL for past 13 seasons with different teams 

Pic credit: sportnet

Subban has played for Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators and New jersey devil

Pic credit: CBC

Subban has played some 834 games in his career with 115 goals and 352 assists 

Pic credit: Nhl

 For first seven years in the NHL Subban played as a top defensemen for Montreal’

Pic credit: CBC

During the 2012-13 season subban had even won Norris Trophy as the best defensemen 

Pic credit: MTB Blog

 In 2014 Subban became the highest paid defenseman of the season with a $72 million contract

Pic credit: NHL

 In 2016 Subban was traded for Shea Weber for the Nashville Predators 

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After 3 years subban was shifted to the New Jersey Devils in 2019

Pic credit: beachler report 

However his game slicked after that with only 17 goals and 42 assists in his scorecard 

Pic credit: beachler report

Subban announced his retirement in a twitter post with a gratitude message for his fans and fellow players 

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