Injury news hit the sheds of Miami Dolphin

1 October 2022

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

 The Miami Dolphins were playing against the Cincinnati Bengals of thursday

Pic credit -MARCA 

The Miami Dolphins lost the match to the Cincinnati Bengals with 27- 15 

Pic credit - MARCA

However team quarterback Tua Tagovailoa got injured on his head and neck during the match

Pic credit - The Guardians

After he was sacked by Tupoum, Tua remained on the ground for few minutes then taken by trainer

Pic credit - Cincinnati Enquirers

The head coach said Tua just suffered concussion and nothing was that serious  

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Tua was conscious throughout the game and was in full movement 

Pic credit -Turf Show Times 

But Tua was ruled out of the game and taken to the Cincinnati Medical Center 

Pic credit - NBC News

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