Looks like Miles Teller is having a blasting year in 2022


Teller acted in the biggest film of this year- Top Gun: Maverick 

Pic Credit : Reuters

 Miles Teller also worked in the Netflix film Spiderhead and also in the  Godfather-focused limited series The offer

Pic Credit -  IMdb

And Teller has added one more addition to the list this year  

Pic Credit -  IMdb

Miles Teller will be debuting as the host of the long running show Saturday Night Live 

Pic Credit - ComicBook.com

 Miles appeared in the Season 48 premiere of the show

Pic Credit - 9News

 Miles along with musical guest Kendrick Lamar was seen appearing in the video shared

Pic Credit - NME

In the new season of the show prominent names like Kate McKinnon, Pete ,  Bryant and Chris Redd will be seen absent

Pic Credit - NPR

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