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 Looks like the marital life of Mackenzie Scott is not on the right track from few years

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 Mackenzie Scott is the ex-wife of former richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos

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Mackenzie is an American novelist, philanthropist and is a 4% shareholder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos company 

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Mackenzie Scott after divorcing Jeff three years ago, silently got married to Dan Jewett in 2021 

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But the couple has filed for divorce just after two years of their marriage 

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People were hinted about the problem when Scott removed Jewett from her philanthropic pledges 

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Scott Amazon bio also didn’t had any mention of Dan Jewett 

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Before this Mackenzie had ended her 25 year long marriage from Jeff Bezos

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Their divorce was announced just months before jeff and journalist Lauren Sachnez affair was revealed  

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