Josh Allen believes Travon Walker is not a loser and has something special. 

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21 September 2022

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Travon joined the team with four straight last places in the AFC  

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Travon Walker has seen only one winning season since 2008.   

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While those stats would look pretty bad to any layman

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Jaguars linebacker Josh believes that Travon is going to bring wonders for the team

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 After Jaguars win over the Colts Josh Allen said in an interview ,”He’s going to be the class that comes here and changes this thing “


 In week 1 walker played one of his best games in the defence area with a sack and interception.

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 Josh Allen stepped up with 2 steps aganist the Washington Commanders 

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The real hidden reason of fight between Saints and Buccaneers

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