DEC  12, 2022

Jayson Tatum has often been seen struggling against the Warriors.

IMAGE:-Jayson Tatum /Instagram

The struggles continued for Jayson Tatum this Saturday night.

IMAGE:-Jayson Tatum /Instagram

The All-Star shootout on Saturday was one of the worst nights of the year.

IMAGE:-Jayson Tatum /Instagram

He scored just 18 points on 21 shot attempts despite playing 40 minutes.


Warriors were playing without Andrew Wiggins, even though they make it tough for the Celtics.


The Celtics suffered a 123–107 ugly loss to the Warriors in the match.


But Celtics coach Joe Majulla did his best to take the pressure off the star.


“He doesn’t have to do anything better,” Mazzulla said of Tatum’s play. “We have to be better, he said.


“I thought he was patient, I thought he tried to make the right play,” Mazzulla further said.

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