How Spencer Brown's fan helped him to reach airport in time

Nov 21, 2022

Sometimes fans do things that are quite unexpectable to even their idol

Credit:-Instagram/Spencer Brown

The Buffalo Bills have to play against the Browns 

Image:- lineup

Facebook/Buffalo Bill

However the venue of the game has been changed last minute

Credit:- stadiums of pro football

This happened because of the cold weather and snow sheets falling

Credit:- stadiums of pro football

The new venue is Detroit's Ford Field 

credit:- ford

So the players have to fly to Detroit in the weather, but the journey to the airport is quite difficult one

The Bills fans were seen helping offensive tackle Spencer Brown make his way in the snow covered road

Credit:-Instagram/Spencer Brown

Several other Brown players were helped in by the Bills fans to travel to the airport

Credit:-Instagram/Spencer Brown

The City of Good Neighbors always comes through," Bills official Twitter wrote

credit:- Facebook/Buffalo Bill

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