Fans upset with Dwight Howard's Next Career Move

By Manjit Bauri

10 November 2022

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White Frame Corner

Lakers' Dwight Howard has landed with a new basketball team but it won't be in the NBA.

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Howard is clearly taking his future into his own hands with this international move.

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Howard revealed the news to his fans in a video message on his Instagram.

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He announced that he signed with the Taoyuan Leopards, a professional team in Taiwan. 

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"I am so so excited, and I can't wait to touch down in Taiwan and start playing," Howard said.

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The NBA fans were shocked that he wasn't offered a deal from an NBA team. 

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Many fans believe there's still a place for Howard in the NBA. 

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"Dwight Howard should not be finishing his career in Taiwan." a fan said.

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"Failure by the NBA, man. He deserves better." another fan replied.

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