Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers shot at in 'terrifying' road rage incident


Nov 16, 2022

An unfortunate mishappening took place to Denise Richards and her husband Aaron

Imagecredit:-Women's Health

Denise and Richards was shot in a road rage incident in Los Angele

Imagecredit:-OK Magazine

Aaron Phyers was dropping off Denise on the set of her new movie

Imagecredit:-IMG Trend

The driver behind Denise car allegedly tried to pass them but could not

The driver behind got irritated and started yelling at them

As the driver passed on, Denise car he shot the vehicle at the back end

Imagecredit:-Page Six

No one was physically harmed in the accident but Denise really got scared 

Imagecredit:-Daily Star

After the shot the pair was escorted by a off duty cop to the parking lot


Denise is currently working on her new movie named Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace


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