The show ‘Bachelors In paradise’ is again making headlines on internet

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October 26th , 2022

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The headlines comes because of the news of one of the couple of Season 6

Pic credit - Bachelor Nation Wiki 

The Season 6 couple recently announced their engagement to their fans

Pic credit -The Hollywood Gossip

Dean Unglert  got upon his knees to propose Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Pic credit - Cosmopolitan

The news of the proposal was shared before the show called ‘Help! I Suck at Dating’

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Then Dean had to buy a completely new ring for the same

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However the makers of the show decided to air the episode after Dean had actually proposed Miller

Pic credit -The Hollywood Gossip

The couple had been dating for 3 years now since ‘Bachelors in paradise’

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