Conan Gray expressed The Painful Past Of "Family Line" With An Affecting Acoustic Performance

"Family Line," a track from his album 'Superache' that traces his pain back to the childhood.

The message behind "Family Line" is, to take control of your future, you have to come to terms with your past.

The song finds the pop singer/songwriter tracing his roots and personality traits back to their source.

Each line of family line says about childhood trauma, unsparing detail, his faults and attributes to something in his parents.

In Press Play at Home, Gray gives the song an acoustic treatment, strumming his guitar along to the emotional lyrics.

Gray sings in one particularly hard-hitting verse, related to his father who is troubled, abusive and often absent.

"The only way you can really connect with people is by telling them a human experience", he said.

"Family Line" comes off Gray's second studio album from Superache.

Superache is a collection of personal and intimately crafted tracks include singles like 'Yours' and 'Memories'.

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