For the fall season New York University’s Clive Davis Institute has introduced a course on Lana Del Rey 

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21 September 2022

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

The course highlights Del Rey’s contributions to 21st Century pop music.

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 Del Ray course also puts light on her feminism movements , social justice movements like BlackLifeMatter and MeToo

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The course would be taught by journalist and author Kathy Iandoli  

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The course description writes, The  artist has introduced a sad core, baroque version of  pop for the listeners 

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 Iandoli describes Lana as a complicated singer who makes her fans feel good about themselves

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Lana has introduced a music that changed the limits of baroque pop and tackled issues which were controversial

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The Davis Institute has also introduced courses on Dan Charnas, Q-Tip, legendary producer-engineer Bob Power etc

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Earlier this year a course on Taylor Swift was also introduced by the Institute 

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Finally Kelly Clarkson Gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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