The collaboration of Charlie Puth and BTS' Jungkook's duet song out now, ARMY rejoices

Days after BTS announced a hiatus, Charlie Puth's new duet with Jungkook's came as a relief to fans.

The teaser came just a few days after BTS told the world that they split from the band to focus on their solo projects.

The song is named " left and right " and is about 2min. and 40sec.

The song is about past memories and takes the listener back in time and makes them reminisce.

The song goes trending on many platforms and collecting millions of likes & views.

It's the first individual project of Jungkook after the hiatus of the Korean pop band BTS.

For Charlie Puth, ‘Left and Right’ is his third release this year after That’s Hilarious and Light Switch.

The release was also shared on the official page of BTS and received lots of love from fans.

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