Carrie Underwood surprised her fans with a stunning dress. She also shared some workout advice...

Carrie Underwood, of American Idol  is well known as one of the biggest names in pop music.

She recently shared with her fans about her humble beginnings, lifestyle and workout routine.

One of America's sweethearts, Carrie is known for being very accessible on her social media handles.

Recently she posted a photo backstage in a floral print, floor-length, strapless gown.

She opened up to her fans how she manages to stay in shape, and Carrie’s workout comes down to commitment, priorities, and balance.

Carrie does not stick to one routine;

she mixes her exercises up every now and then by including aerobic and bodybuilding regimens every few weeks.

On the other hand, Carrie believes in lifting more and performing less cardio during the holidays where her eating is unproctored.

Carrie tends to eat healthier too as a self-professed lover of the vegan diet, she is known to pile up on tofu, avocados, spinach, etc.

Carrie, however accepted her belief in tracking but not unnecessarily obsessing over eating habits.

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