BTS J-Hope unveils the concept photos of his upcoming album " the jack box"

BTS famed Jung Hoseok, aka, J-hope has been garnering all the limelight in lieu of his upcoming album, Jack in the Box .

The rapper shook the entire ARMY fandom with his raw, unfiltered persona in the MORE music video.

The star switched over to a darker persona and in stark contrast to his familiarly depicted cheerful, bubbly personality.

Recently, the idol dropped a fiery picture on BTS' official Twitter account, looking a bit gruesome as the stud stands on a fiery red, blazing background.

Continuing the saga of releasing chilling concept photos, the rapper had previously shared a much talked about teaser photo for Jack in the Box on June 27.

Fans have been taken aback in awe of the intricate details done on J-hope's face to justify the concept.

The official post mentioned the date and time for the album release

Album is scheduled for July 15, at 1 pm KST

The concept photos for the upcoming track Arson are released around 11-12 July, 00.00 am KST

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