Looks like Pop queen Britney Spears has decided to not to perform on stage anymore

pic credit : NME

Britney is currently dealing with an issue between her husband and her children.

pic credit : People

Britney on Instagram posted a lengthy note explaining the events that lead to the decision

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 Britney expressed that she is traumatised and tired of the most offensive people she is working with.

pic credit : ABC News

Britney revealed that she had no creative control during her Las Vegas tour and music video filming.

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 Britney expressed that in the 13 years of her conservatorship from her 8 music videos she only liked 1.

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 Britney further said that she wouldn't even get her tour pictures.

pic credit : Tribune India

Britney also attacked her father over a Pepsi ad in which she looked 80 years old.

pic credit : Us weekly

Britney conservatorship lasted for 13 years and ended in 2021. 

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Fans are not accepting this news , they want Britney  to continue to perform on stage 

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