Beyonce recently honored her close friend tennis star Serena Williams

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29 AUG 2022

During the VMAs held on August 28 Gatorade released a commercial dedicated to the  star Serena Williams

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The commercial was narrated by the pop Queen Beyonce during the VMA

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“When the world writes her down in history, we’ll begin where she started. At love,” Beyoncé  says in the commercial.

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She talks about the movement of loving who you are.

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She dedicates the line to Serena by calling her this movement.

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Beyoncé further highlights the importance of finding one’s identity.

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Beyonce and Gatorade‘s commercial comes shortly after Serena announced that she is evolving and not retiring from tennis.

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Serena will be competing in the 2022 U.S Opens which begins on august 29

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Serena William's daughter shocked fans by her amazing soccer Skills