Austin Ekeler has invited fans to give out constructive criticism on his gameplay. 

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 Austin said it on a podcast on Yahoo's Fantasy Football forecast with Matt Harmon. 

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 Ekeler admitted to not playing his best game against the Raiders in week 1.

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However Ekeler fans worry that people could get crazy and write anything and everything.

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 Doing this is a direct invitation for trolls and Ekeler should be mentally prepared for this. 

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 Even if Ekeler is not in good form right now, the LA Chargers managed to win the 1st week match. 

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 For Week 2 the chargers faced the chiefs on the first day.

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The LA Chargers have already been missing their wide receiver Kennan Allen. 

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 Kennan Allen has had a hamstring injury, therefore he is not playing for the team. 

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Pic Credit: SBNation

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