Andy Cohen hosted the reunion of the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 

oct 25th , 2022

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Earlier this year there were controversy between Jaylen and Gracellle Beauvias 

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Jaylen was accused of throwing Beauvais book in the trash during the show 

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But during the reunion it was revealed that it was Rinna who threw Gracelle’s book in thrash  

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To this Andy instead of comforting Beauvais was seen joking about it with Rinna and Jaylen 

Gracelle fans did not take it lightly and expressed their feeling on social media

They accused Andy of showing favouritism openly on television towards Rinna and Jaylen 

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To which Andy seem to sincerely apologise about the same during SiriusXM’s Radio 

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“I need to really sincerely apologize not only for diverting the topic”, Andy said

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