American baseball shortstop Alex Rodriguez has  recently split up with  Kathryne Padgett

Sources say the two have broken up but are still great friends to each other

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During this time Alex is seen spending time with his family and focusing on his business.

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Alex was seen with his daughter at a University of Miami football game on Saturday

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Alex also announced the breakup by posting a story on his Instagram writing  “Dinner for one… Yankees game.”

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Alex and Padgett were first seen together  at a Green Bay Packers football game

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Both spent time vacating a lot of cities like Ibiza, Spain

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Sources say the couple was never serious about each other and they were just casually dating

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Rodriguez is a broadcaster for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” and for FOX Sports and member of the school’s board of trustees.

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Kathryne Padgett is a famous American dietitian, fitness model and NPC competitor

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