Is Jaguars’ victory sparked by Trevor Lawrence, Know the real truth !! | All details and Key points of the match…

Trevor Lawrence

For a moment it looked like the Jaguars were on their way to losing for the ninth time this time as they got off to a plodding start. This slow start put the Ravens ahead 10–9, but the Jags held their nerve and turned the tide in the third quarter. Once they stepped on the gas pedal, they didn’t take their foot off, leading the Ravens to a 28-27 upset.

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence showed tremendous courage in the third quarter, scoring the Ravens’ first touchdown. It looked like the Jags weren’t going to answer back. But then, Lawrence broke the chains and kept a drive alive when he found Jay Jones on fourth and 8 for a 28-yard pass.

But the Ravens were not ready to give up either, they kept up their strength and enthusiasm and dated the Jaguars to the end.

Trevor Lawrence

The Jaguars had less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter to tie the game. The fight looked tough, but Trevor Lawrence did something he couldn’t do in his career: mount a comeback. He completed passes to Zay Jones, Christian Kirk, and Marvin Jones Jr. on their way to Baltimore’s end zone.

The Jaguars’ defense deserves a lot of credit for holding the Ravens to four field goals and shouldn’t be blamed for allowing two touchdowns in the fourth quarter as this contest was played with a lot of hard work, teamwork, and passion. Everyone had equal participation.

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence

Likewise, Trevor Lawrence and the offense deserve praise for coming back when it seemed like the Jags might not have a chance to win. For Lawrence, this was arguably the best game of his NFL career.  he would remember the game for a long time, he didn’t make a single mistake of the sort that had previously come back to haunt the Jags. This game makes Lawrence very impressive and will give him further motivation.

Here are the 10 key points and main lines of the match which show the details :-

Everyone is quite aware of the Jaguars losing form this season

However, the Jaguars were able to redeem themselves by making a massive win in week12

The Jaguars had a match against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12

Following a slow start, the Jaguars managed to win 27-20 over the Ravens

Trevor Lawrence along with the defensive lineup woke up for the massive Jaguars win

Trevor was the one who caused Ravens their first touchdown and lead the Jags 19-17

However, the offense lineup for the Jaguars has been on zero response at the start of the season

But Lawrence was at his best play during the game leading the Jaguars from the front

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